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QPDF v10.1.0 New

Package Tool

Application package that enables developers to easily view, analyze and modify the structure of a PDF file such as merge, split, overlay/underlay, rotate etc. QPDF is also capable of creating linearized (also known as web-optimized) files and encrypted files.

Runs on:WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Dependencies: libgcc_s_seh-1.dll, libstdc++-6.dll, libwinpthread-1.dll
Unicode support: Yes
License: Apache License 2.0 FOSS
Similar/alternative apps: PDFtk Server
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Pandoc v2.11.3.2 New

Package Tool

Pandoc is a command-line tool to convert documents from from one markup format to another (asciidoc, beamer, biblatex, bibtex, commonmark, context, creole, csljson, csv, docboo, docx, dokuwiki, dzslides, epub, fb2, gfm, haddock, html, icml, ipynb, jats, jira, json, latex, man, markdown, mediawiki, ms, muse, odt, opendocument, org, pdf, plain text, pptx, revealjs, rst, rtf, s5, slideous, slidy, t2t, tei, texinfo, textile, tikiwiki, twiki, vimwiki, xwiki, zimwiki). It includes a powerful system for automatic citations and bibliographies. There are many ways to customize pandoc to fit your needs, including a template system and a powerful system for writing filters.

Runs on:Win10
License: GPL FOSS
How to extract: Download the latest 64bit zip file that contains pandoc’s binaries and documentation. Simply unzip this file and move the binaries to a directory of your choice.
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wv v1.2.4 Private

Package Tool Unix Port Discontinued

Tools for converting Microsoft Word (.doc) documents.

❕ Most of the tools are old and/or depend on other tools for conversion. Developer recommends using AbiWord CLI for conversion.

It contains the following tools:

wvSummary: View Word document's summary info.
wvRTF: Convert DOC to RTF. GnuWin port doesn't seem to work properly.
wvVersion: View Word document (DOC) version. No docx.
wvWare: Convert DOC into other formats such as PS,PDF,HTML,LaTeX,DVI,ABW. GnuWin port seems to work with HTML.
wvAbw: Convert DOC to Abiword's format. Script.
wvCleanLatex: Convert DOC to a 'clean' LaTeX document. Script.
wvDVI: Convert DOC to DVI. Requires `latex'. Script.
wvHtml: Convert DOC to HTML 4.0. Script.
wvLatex: Convert DOC to LaTex. Script.
wvMime: View Word DOC files. Depends on a PostScript viewer. Script.
wvPDF: Convert DOC to PDF. Script.
wvPS: Convert DOC to PS. Requires `dvips'. Script.
wvText: Convert DOC to text. Script.
wvWml: Convert DOC to WML. Script.
wvDocBook. Script.

Available in:
v1.0.2: GnuWin (Many of the ported tools above don't work out of the box or at all).

License: Freeware/Open Source FOSS

UnRTF v0.21.10 Private

Package Tool Unix Port

Converts RTF to HTML, LaTeX, or troff.

GNU UnRTF converts text documents from RTF to HTML, LaTeX, or troff. It supports changes in font characteristics, underlines and strikethroughs, superscripts and subscripts, and more.

Available in:

v0.19.3: GnuWin.

License: Freeware/Open Source FOSS

ttf2pt1 v3.4.4 Private

Package Tool Unix Port Discontinued

Convert True Type Font to Postscript Type 1.

It contains the following tools:

bz: Draw the Bezier curves on an alphanumeric display.
cmpf: Compare the rendering of two supposedly nearly-identical fonts at low resolutions.
dmpf: Dump the bitmaps of all glyphs of the font at low pixel sizes, up to 20 pixels.
ttf2pt1_convert: Convenience font conversion script.
ttf2pt1_x2gs: Font installer script for Ghostscript.
t1asm: Assembles Adobe Type-1 font programs in pseudo-PostScript. Included by ttf2pt1 developer. Originally from t1utils.
nsfix: Fix the Netscape executable for specified font widths.
lst: Generates an HTML file with the full list of all characters in all possible styles of the Variable-width and Fixed-width fonts.
cntstems: Counts the required hint stack in the interpreter to rasterize the glyphs of the font.
showdf: Find a list of differing glyphs in two versions of a font file and feed this list into the showg program for display.
showg: Draws the glyphs and their interesting metrics in PostScript.

Available in:
v3.4.4: GnuWin.

License: Source-available (BSD with advertisement clause).