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grep is a search program that prints lines from a text file that matching a given pattern. The program functions on one or many files and patterns may be provided as either a basic or extended regular expression, or as fixed strings. By default, the matching text is simply printed to the screen, however the output is very customizable with line numbers, log files, context, total count, and more.

It contains the following tools:

grep: match using basic regular expressions.
egrep: equivalent to `grep -E'; use extended regular expressions.
fgrep: equivalent to `grep -F'; use fixed strings, not regular expressions.

Not to be confused with grap or agrep.

Get it as part of:
v2.10: ezwinports.
v2.5.4: GnuWin.
v2.5.4: Gow (as individual tools).
UnxUtils: grep (2.5.1), egrep, fgrep (2.4.2)

Use cases: regex search in text
License: Freeware/Open Source FOSS

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vevy 2020-10-11 22:00

@webfork I think it does. Also in MSYS2


webfork 2020-09-09 00:28

I'm fairly sure grep is present in cygwin, but I don't think it includes grep -E, which was one of the reasons I started running WSL.


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