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wv v1.2.4 Private

Package Tool Unix Port Discontinued

Tools for converting Microsoft Word (.doc) documents.

❕ Most of the tools are old and/or depend on other tools for conversion. Developer recommends using AbiWord CLI for conversion.

It contains the following tools:

wvSummary: View Word document's summary info.
wvRTF: Convert DOC to RTF. GnuWin port doesn't seem to work properly.
wvVersion: View Word document (DOC) version. No docx.
wvWare: Convert DOC into other formats such as PS,PDF,HTML,LaTeX,DVI,ABW. GnuWin port seems to work with HTML.
wvAbw: Convert DOC to Abiword's format. Script.
wvCleanLatex: Convert DOC to a 'clean' LaTeX document. Script.
wvDVI: Convert DOC to DVI. Requires `latex'. Script.
wvHtml: Convert DOC to HTML 4.0. Script.
wvLatex: Convert DOC to LaTex. Script.
wvMime: View Word DOC files. Depends on a PostScript viewer. Script.
wvPDF: Convert DOC to PDF. Script.
wvPS: Convert DOC to PS. Requires `dvips'. Script.
wvText: Convert DOC to text. Script.
wvWml: Convert DOC to WML. Script.
wvDocBook. Script.

Available in:
v1.0.2: GnuWin (Many of the ported tools above don't work out of the box or at all).

License: Freeware/Open Source FOSS

RCS v5.9.4 Private

Package Tool Unix Port Discontinued

The GNU Revision Control System.

RCS is the original Revision Control System. It works on a file-by-file basis, in contrast to subsequent version control systems such as CVS, Subversion, and Git. This can make it suitable for system administration files, for example, which are often inherently local to one machine.

It contains the following tools:

ci Check in RCS revisions.
co Check out RCS revisions.
ident Identify RCS keyword strings in files.
merge Three-way file merge.
rcs Change RCS file attributes.
rcsclean Clean up working files.
rcsdiff Ivoke `diff' to compare RCS revisions.
rcsmerge Merge RCS revisions.
rlog Print log messages and other information about RCS files.

Available in:
v5.7: ezwinports.

Use cases: version control
License: Freeware/Open Source FOSS