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PDFtk Server 2.02 New

Package Tool Discontinued

PDFtk is a command-line tool for working with PDFs. It is commonly used for client-side scripting or server-side processing of PDFs. It does not require Adobe Acrobat or Reader, and it runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Runs on:WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Dependencies: libiconv2.dll
License: GPL FOSS
How to extract: Uniextract the Installer, copy these two files:

Similar/alternative apps: QPDF

7za (7-Zip) v19.00 New

Package Tool

Standalone console version of 7-Zip with reduced formats support. 7-Zip is a free and open-source file archiver, a utility used to place groups of files within compressed containers known as "archives". It is developed by Igor Pavlov and was first released in 1999. 7-Zip uses its own 7z archive format, but can read and write several other archive formats.


  • Formats: bzip2 (bz2 bzip2 tbz2 (.tar) tbz (.tar)); gzip (gz gzip tgz (.tar) tpz (.tar) apk (.tar0)); lzma; lzma86; Split (001); xz (xz txz (.tar)); 7z; Cab; tar (tar ova); zip (zip z01 zipx jar xpi odt ods docx xlsx epub ipa apk appx).
  • Codecs: BCJ2; BCJ; PPC; IA64; ARM; ARMT; SPARC; Swap2; Swap4; BZip2; Copy; Deflate64; Deflate; Delta; LZMA2; LZMA; PPMD; 7zAES; AES256CBC.
  • Hashers: CRC32; CRC64; SHA1; SHA256.
Alternatively you can copy both 7z.exe and 7z.dll from 7-Zip.

Runs on:WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Unicode support: Yes
License: GPL FOSS
How to extract: Download and unpack the 7z****-extra.7z archive, and copy the 32 or 64 bit version of "7za.exe"

MiniTrue v2.0.6 Private

Package Tool Discontinued

MiniTrue (mtr) is a versatile utility which combines a fast and powerful search/replace functionality with a full-featured textviewer, enabling quick and efficient browsing, searching and/or modification of a large number of files. MiniTrue can operate interactively and prompt to see if a replacement should be made or it can make all desired substitutions automatically. MiniTrue can also print out matching lines in the manner of the utility grep. If no strings to search for are present, MiniTrue functions like the pager program less.

Supports long file names (LFN). No Unicode support. 16/32bit dos and 32bit windows console.


-a search All files
-b make Backup files
-c Case insensitivity
-d preserve original Datestamps
-e ignore file Errors
-f Fold lines at word breaks
-h begin in Hex mode
-i:FILE read strings from FILE
-k Keep statistics
-l generate Log file
-mNUM set top Margin
-n No prompting
-o use standard Output (grep mode)
-p:SET define set of printing chars
-q Quiet mode
-r Recurse through subdirectories
-s accelerated Scrolling
-tTABSIZE set Tab size
-u set region for boolean searches
-v set Video mode
-w Whole words only
-x use regular eXpressions
-y skip binarY files
-z unZip files before searching
-@:FILE read filenames from FILE

The "-i" option is very powerful as it allows you to store many find/replace actions (incl. regular expressions)

Eastasia = Eurasia
USA = United States of America

Some strings might require quoting depending on the shell used.

Some examples:

This will replace all instances of "Eastasia" with "Eurasia" in all files on the current drive:
mtr -rnw * - Eastasia = Eurasia

Determining the frequency of each letter:
mtr -kn /docs/* - a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Inserting blank lines between paragraphs:
mtr -x *.txt - "(^[ \t]+)" = \n\1

Stripping tags from HTML files:
mtr -xb+:.txt *.htm - "<[^>]*>" = \z

Removing trailing whitespace from the end of lines:
mtr -x file.txt "[ \t]+(\r?\n)" = \1

Finding consecutive duplicate (non-empty) lines:
mtr -x file.txt (^.+\r\n)\1+

Runs on:WinAll
Unicode support: No
License: GPL FOSS
Similar/alternative apps: Less Grep Sed rxrepl

UnZip v6.00 Private

Package Tool Discontinued

UnZip by Info-zip will list, test, or extract files from a ZIP archive, commonly found on MS-DOS systems. The default behavior (with no options) is to extract into the current directory (and subdirectories below it) all files from the specified ZIP archive. A companion program, zip, creates ZIP archives; both programs are compatible with archives created by PKWARE's PKZIP and PKUNZIP for MS-DOS, but in many cases the program options or default behaviors differ.

Included utilities: unzipsfx (self-extracting stub for prepending to ZIP archives), funzip (filter for extracting from a ZIP archive in a pipe), unzipsfx-gcc, and GUI modes (SFXWiz32, SFXWiz32-gcc)

Runs on:WinAll
License: GPL FOSS
Similar/alternative apps: 7-Zip

Zip v3.00 Private

Package Tool Discontinued

(Info-)Zip 3.0 is a compression and file packaging utility. It is compatible with PKZIP 2.04g (Phil Katz ZIP) for MSDOS systems. There is a companion to zip called unzip. So far zip has been ported to a wide array of Unix and other mainframes, minis, and micros including VMS, OS/2, Minix, MSDOS, Windows, Atari, Amiga, BeOS and VM/CMS. Highly compatible with PKware's PKZIP and PKUNZIP utilities of MSDOS fame. Primary objective has been one of portability and other-than-MSDOS functionality. Features not found in the PKWare version include creation of zip files in a pipe or on a device; VMS, BeOS and OS/2 extended file attributes; conversion from Unix to MSDOS text file format; and, of course, the ability to run on most of your favorite operating systems.

  • Support archives greater than 2 GB and files in archives over the 2 GB previous limit (4 GB on some ports).
  • Initial Unicode support.
  • 16-bit OS support.
  • Supports standard zip encryption.
  • In addition to the standard store and deflate methods, Zip now can use the bzip2 compression format using the bzip2 library.
  • Included utilities: zipsplit, zipcloak, and zipnote should work with large files, but they currently do not handle split archives.

Supported hardware ranges from microcomputers all the way up to Cray supercomputers, running on almost all versions of Unix, VMS, OS/2, Windows 9x/NT/etc. (a.k.a. Win32), Windows 3.x, Windows CE, MS-DOS, AmigaDOS, Atari TOS, Acorn RISC OS, BeOS, Mac OS, SMS/QDOS, MVS and OS/390 OE, VM/CMS, FlexOS, Tandem NSK and Human68K (Japanese). There is also some (old) support for LynxOS, TOPS-20, AOS/VS and Novell NLMs. Shared libraries (DLLs) are available for Unix, OS/2, Win32 and Win16, and graphical interfaces are available for Win32, Win16, WinCE and Mac OS.

Note November 2020: not possible to download Win32 binaries from the main source-forge website.

Runs on:WinAll
Unicode support: Partial
License: GPL FOSS
Similar/alternative apps: 7-Zip